About The Conference

VSPM-AHE present a Conclave 2019 on 'Unemployment in India: Causes, Concerns & Cures' to mark the 89 Years of International Unemployment Day (March 6, 1930), a coordinated international campaign that brought hundreds of thousands of people around the world to the streets to protest mass unemployment associated with the Great Depression.

The subject of this Conclave strikes the right note, considering we have entered into a volcanic era again. 'Unemployment' is the burning question right now that is impacting the masses, corporate, and is on the brink of bringing down the Indian Government. India's future depends on how soon we address and solve it, such that every Indian soul benefits from it – and not just temporarily.

We hope along with a team of eminent economists, academicians, speakers, and well-known personalities that make the panel of Conclave 2019, we will arrive at some valuable conclusion that will pave the way for real development and empowerment of India's employable mass. . So, let's come together to give voice to our frustrations, expectations, and awareness. Let's come together to give power to a movement waiting to spread its wings. Let's come together and create an impact greater than we have ever hoped for.

Unemployment in India: The open secret that keeps getting darker

As India has ushered in the New Year, the old question of unemployment has again come haunting her celebrations, if there were any! According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the unemployment rate in India has augmented again at 3.5 percent in 2018-2019 (just like in 2016-2017), and there will be 18.9 million jobless people in India in 2019 (just a little more than 18.6 million in 2018). According to some studies, this rate of unemployment is the highest India has witnessed in at least the last 20 years.

This rising unemployment is unfortunate and one of the biggest challenges India's policymakers and administrators are going to face in the coming times. While the concern around this alarming question has grown recently, we know that it itself is not entirely new. Unemployment is the same old question, a complex problem, a labyrinth into which India finds herself lost time and again. However, her fall into this bottomless pit this time is going to have serious implications, one that can push not only the urban youth but also thousands of rural masses (both men and women) in search for work to the dark sides of depression and death.

Unemployment in India: The causes that we keep ignoring

Acknowledging, not denying, the causes of unemployment can help us rectify it. If we are to build a country in which everyone is able to find a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families, we must start confronting the various demons that have possessed our mindset and halted our growth as a nation. While there are many causes of unemployment in India, here is an in exhaustive list of factors contributing to it since forever, and which we must address now before it is too late.

  • The Caste System
  • Increasing Population Growth
  • Slow Economic Growth
  • Slow Industrial Growth
  • Depressing Wages
  • Seasonality of Agricultural Occupations
  • Loss of Small Scale Industries
  • Shortage of Means of Production
  • Ineffective Economic Planning
  • Labor Immobility
  • Unsafe Places of Work (esp. for women, migrant workers, etc.)
  • Child Labour

Unemployment in India: Finding our way out

A fundamental shift in mindset is the need of the hour. Education alone cannot make way for progress. Right policies alone cannot bring positive results. And a different government too cannot solve this anxious problem overnight.

We require creating an inclusive space that embraces cultures, innovation, and research. We must build quality institutions that can impart education of the similar stature to each and all. We must focus on developing the aptitude and skills that respond to the global market. We must welcome migration for better opportunities and life. Unless we do this, we can never equate education with employability.

Program Schedule

5th March 2019 by CIBMRD College, Nagpur

Panel Discussion* (involving well-known speakers) * A White Paper will be developed from the outcome of this panel discussion. Papers from academicians for the purpose of publication in our journal will also be invited.

Time : 2 pm onwards

Venue : CIBMRD Auditorium